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CASKETS: The selection of the casket is a very personal decision and reflects the unique personality of your loved one. A casket that reflects the personality, taste and style of your loved one can be a fitting tribute to their life. 

Caskets come in two major types of materials, wood and metal. Wood caskets are known for their beauty, warmth and professional craftsmanship. Metal caskets are known for their strength and durability as well as their unique finishes. 

OUTER BURIAL CONTAINERS: The outer burial container is a protective container in which the casket is placed inside at the time of burial. Though not required by law in all states, most cemeteries do require some type of outer container. This requirement can be met by your choice of either a concrete graveliner or an actual reinforced burial vault. 

Graveliner: This is an unlined, concrete box with drainage holes allowing ground water to escape through the bottom. The concrete graveliner does not seal. The cover of the graveliner "sits" over the top of the base of the unit. 

Vault: The vault is a unit that has a coated exterior and a reinforced interior. Burial vaults are reinforced in one of two ways, with durable plastic or with a combination of durable plastic and metal. They provide the long-lasting protection needed to resist the elements over time.

A reinforced burial vault provides protection needed to resist the elements and physical conditions including ground water and weight from heavy equipment. The burial vault will protect the casket and keep the ground intact, thus preserving the eternal beauty of the cemetery or memorial park. 

Years after you select a reinforced burial vault, you will know that you have made the right decision by choosing the highest level of protection. Burial vaults can be personalized with name, date of birth and date of death. Adding an accenting emblem, denoting religious or civic affiliation, special graphics, etc. will give your burial vault special meaning with honor to the life of your loved one.

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