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Making decisions rationally, before the need, affords you the time and patience it takes to make wise, appropriate choices.  The emotional issues at the time of death can sometimes cloud judgement.  Pre-planning allows decisions to be made in a relaxed setting without the pressure of time constraints multiplied by grief.

Pre-planning can be done whether your choice for body disposition is burial, cremation or interment.  Pre-planning can be done for yourself, a family member or a friend.  Making these preparations gives your family lasting "peace of mind" to know that they have acted in accordance with your final wishes.

By pre-planning, you remove a tremendous burden from your loved ones and give yourself the confidence of knowing that your personal wishes will be carried out.  It is much easier for family members when important decisions have been made in advance.  Pre-planning allows you to prepare for the future with a sense of security. 

If you do not wish to fund your final arrangements right now, you may still pre-plan your services. A licensed, pre-planning advisor at Morgan Funeral Home, Inc. of Jacksonville or Rivers-Morgan Funeral Home, Inc. of New Bern can assist you in expressing your desires and final wishes for your funeral.  These arrangements will remain on file in our funeral home, therefore allowing you to update or fund, at anytime.

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